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In addition to our MYTDOG programs, we also offer the following services:

We all know that life gets busy and sometimes and our time and attention gets spread thin and time with you dog just doesn’t get to be what you wish it was and you start to see what was once a sharp and mannerly dog has become a little less polite and seems to be getting our of shape, mentally!!!  For these situations, we offer our clients “TUNE-UPS days for their dogs !   Let us help you get things back on track with some scheduled time at our DAYCADEMY (day school) and coach YOU back to getting that communication and understanding back on track!  


Camp MYTDOG is our structured version of “daycare” and is offered EXCLUSIVELY to our MYTDOG clients.   Our purpose is to offer our clients the resources of socialization, play and follow through with manners in a social, yet structured setting with other dogs that have the same training philosophy and expectations.  We believe having our CAMP limited to our training clients allows us to keep the setting more productive and safe than a typical daycare setting by exercising mind and body!  

  In order to be accepted into camp, dogs must:

  • Be social and polite with other dogs.

  • Have achieved a solid understanding of commands and manners.

  • Recall, place command/ability to settle and leash skills/off leash reliability are necessary.

  • If a dog is struggling to maintain the expected level of manners and reliability of commands in camp, we may suggest a “tune up” day(s) to help provide your dog with the needed training to be a successful camper!!!


Drop off and pick up times are to be scheduled for each day between 7:30am and 5:30pm.


Travel may be extra if outside a 15 mile radius.


Some individuals may wish to just get some extra help with their training but not want to commit to a full program.  For those looking for assistance with specific issues, we can offer individualized private lessons on and hourly basis.  Please contact us with questions.

Performance Dog Team and Dock Diving training

Since 2005, TEAM MYTDOG has been not only competing, but helping to promote the sport of dock diving and helping dogs and their owners get involved.  Whether you just want to have fun at your local lake or pool, or you want to “travel the circuit” we can help you develop your dogs skills, handling skills and understanding of the sport to become a successful team!  


TEAM MYTDOG has a regulation sized 8’ x 40” dock with regulation astro-turf on a pond outside of Des Moines where we will offer open dock practices and training for Big Air, Extreme Vertical and Speed Retrieve in the summer months.  We also can provide individual lessons, seminars and presentations to groups interested in learning more about the sport!   You can find updates on scheduled practices or trainings on our TEAM MYTDOG facebook group so please feel free to join us!


We have presented programs and seminars for all kinds of groups and in all kinds of settings and we are happy to speak to you about what we can do to help!  Below are just a few of the topics, please contact us with questions! 

  • Training Demonstrations


  • Dog bite education

  • Dog park etiquette and safety

  • Dog behavior

  • Dogs and Babies—How to prepare for a new addition!

Feel free to contact us!  We are happy to help with any of your dog behavior, training, information and education needs!


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