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Dog Training is our passion and seeing our client happy and enjoying life with their dogs, that is the greatest gift we can have!  We can tell you all about our training but when you hear it from those that we worked with, when you get to SEE our MYTDOG's and the progress and results, that is greater than anything we can say.  We are proud of our work, and of the great work our clients do in taking all they learn and being the great examples of what MYTDOG is all about.  Our greatest hope is for those we work with to enjoy the relationship, bond and freedom that comes with having a well training dog that you can share your life with!


Before working with Sue at My Trained Dog, we never thought that our dog would get over his aggression and social anxiety. We would live our lives around his antics and although he is loving with us, could not be around any other people or dogs. Beforehand, we were nervous about how he would interact in training, and if he could even coexist with someone other than us. Fast forward two weeks, our dog made another best friend in Sue, and has made monumental progress since starting his training. His aggression is already much better, and we are equipped with the tools to keep the training going ourselves. We were only signed up for two weeks initially, but quickly changed to the four week program after seeing the progress he has made already. After getting to know Sue and the program she has created, it is apparent how much she truly cares about the dogs she takes in. She is consistently sending and wanting videos tracking our dogs progress on how he is doing. She proactively sets sessions outside of the normal training to work in other environments as needed, and I just cannot say enough about how much she truly cares about our dog. If I could give her 6 stars, I would. THANK YOU, Sue for everything you have done so far with our beloved Pendleton and cannot wait to continue working with you!   

~Josh Wendt

"Coco and Captain"

Captain and Coco started their training last year when they were 6 months old. I wanted my puppies to grow into dogs that 1) didn't jump on people, 2) came on command, 3) walked calmly on leash and 4) stayed on place. They graduated from the fast track option. Six months was a perfect time to initiate training because they were old enough to be able to learn and retain training and young enough that this training is all they've ever known, so it's natural to them. We just returned from an RV vacation - I was able to walk the dogs off leash and recall them w/o problems which made travel so much easier - they were rock stars, and I received many compliments on their behavior. Thier start with MyTDog training has helped them be awesome dogs, to us it was certainly worth the investment.

~Diana K.


I would recommend MyTDog to anyone who asks, which I'm sure multiple people will when they see my dog and I walking down the street and listening to every command. Sue was absolutely wonderful, and my dog came back so much more attentive to me after just 5 days. Before heading off to school she would never even think about looking up at me for what my next move was, it was ALL about what she wanted to do next, but now Ruby LISTENS! Sue is a miracle worker. On top of that Sue was very accommodating, and so easy to work with. Truly a great program!


Just to add to this, Ruby and I went to PetSmart last night, and I can 100% say that she was the most well trained dog there! I always used to be afraid to take her out in public because I didn't want people saying "look at how crazy that lady's dog is." Well, now, I can proudly walk around showing off obedient and happy little Ruby! 

~Ann C.

"Mesa" (and "Tippy")

I cannot say enough great things about Sue and her training program! I totally would give her 10 stars if I could  ;) She worked with our mini goldendoodle, Mesa, these past two weeks and she is a completely different pup. Mesa listens so well and has really come along way. I would 100% recommend this place to go for training. She works well with the owners as well to teach us things that we need to learn and follow thru with as too. We are so happy that we went with MYTDOG. Best decision ever and worth every penny. You won’t be disappointed.

~Michelle G


Sue did such a great job with Rosie, our 2 year old Boston Terrier. We needed her to be more reliable in going to the bathroom outside, even in poor weather. She was a really good dog before, and now she is great! No accidents since she finished her program! She stays in her place, even when we go to other people's houses. We appreciate all that you did for Rosie, Sue! Thank you!

~Beth N

"Daisy" (and "Ranger")

Daisy finished her program today. WOW! It's just crazy how in four days she has transformed. I was worried she would forget what she learned once she was home. But Sue took the time to "train" me as well. So being consistent is not hard. This is the second dog Sue has worked with for us. And both continue to be well trained! Thanks Sue!!!!!

~Jennifer R

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